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Barcelona - Llavaneres


Llavaneres, España



We had a great excitement when we received a call to assist with the furnishings and décor of the home of one of the best "navigators" in the history of our country. His house, his "ship" was already built outside and inside, and he sought our expertise to give it the finishing touches.


As teak floors were used throughout the home, we used this same wood as a feature in the various custom pieces designed for the home entertainment/automation as well as covering the radiators.


As the living room and dining room were of an ample size, we chose larger statement sofas and longer dining table. In the bedrooms and bathrooms we incorporated sliding doors of stainless steel and glass to lighten the visual weight and give freshness in contrast to the walls of the house lined with wood.


Carrara marble was used in the bathrooms while furniture in a more Mediterranean scheme of white cotton and linen fabrics was implemented, very suitable for a house facing the sea.

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