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Barcelona - Global Kantar Group, I


Sant Cugat/Barcelona España



Over the course of the last 10 years, we designed various office locations in Spain and Portugal for Kantar – a multinational company who is a world leader in market research. Kantar's philosophy is to take care of its employees, customers and consumers by advancing in ecology along with technological advances.


We completely redesigned the facade hall, work spaces, activity rooms, meeting rooms, management offices, office-dining room, bathrooms. From the demolition and redistribution of the space with plasterboard and glass screens, to installation of all electrical, lighting and computer systems, we performed all the technical and decorative work.


Their offices were designed with materials such as wood, transparent glass walls, plants, images of nature, and warm decorative lighting. Also, we incorporated a different way of creating offices, than what still exists in many companies by designing functional and efficient yet comfortable spaces incorporating touches such as work tables with hidden wiring systems, to work at ease and allowing them to serve their customers in a cozy atmosphere.

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