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London - Chelsea


London, England - Chelsea



Our task was to bring our clients' dream of completely restoring their Victorian era home in the heart of London's Chelsea neighborhood to life. Our clients' desired a comfortable home with modern conveniences, while maintaining the heritage and architectural features of this unique home.

The project encompassed two phases – phase one was the structural renovation of the home laboriously utilizing many materials original to the home such as: wood flooring, seven iron fireplaces and stained glass windows. The second phase was the design and decoration of all the interior spaces joining the "classic winks" of the architecture with the furniture and modern design elements that reflect the owners' lifestyle and current design trends.


At every opportunity we took advantage of all the natural light entering through the wonderful old windows while incorporating special lamps in interior spaces to give as much illumination possible to offset the many days of inclement weather London can experience.


Our clients' opted for incorporating our bespoke furniture, rugs, curtains and accessories in every corner of the house. We supervised every minute detail – from the production in Barcelona, transportation to London and ultimately the entire on-site assembly.

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