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Barcelona - Sabadell


Sabadell/Barcelona, España



We had the pleasure of making the dream of a lovely Sabadell family come true by helping them design their village house with challenging interior architecture. The home’s features included being long and narrow, with three floors connected to each other by a narrow and steep staircase, that offered exposed brick walls, wooden beamed ceilings, and original hydraulic mosaic floors.


The ground floor was designed to feature front and center the living area with its unique doors and glass ceiling bringing in a multitude of natural light. Modern, linear furniture, in gloss lacquer and oak, with very light iron structures to give amplitude to the house was selected. Color was a must for our clients and warm and cheerful colors were selected throughout. We also illuminated some walls with an indirect LED line to give a feeling of spaciousness and life in the areas where there was an absence of natural light. The beautiful grand rooftop terrace was also furnished to make the most of the space to enjoy the views.

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