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Barcelona - Gràcia


Barcelona, España



Our clients’ asked to assist with a flat in the emblematic neighborhood of Gracia, which they wished to primarily use as a rental property. Since it was not an investment property, we were sure to keep in mind everything had to be designed to be practical and resistant while still offering an informal yet charming style. Our first job was to maintain all the wooden beamed ceilings and shutters. The space was divided into two separate living areas to each with its own loft-style character and the kitchen and the bathroom were placed in the central hall in two smaller spaces. In this way the 75m2 flat offered tenants sharing a flat their own separate spaces for privacy while being able to easily share common areas.


Custom storage units were installed throughout to hide not only clothing, but also the television and other entertainment pieces when not in use. The flat was painted in a neutral ivory, while incorporating the same tone on the floors and curtains to give serenity and relaxation to the architecture, in contrast to the furniture in white, blue and gray tones to also infuse character with the environment. The master bedroom was designed with more of an apart-hotel concept, also in ivory tones and details of moss green furniture.

The kitchen and bathroom were designed to make the most of the smaller dimensions, with colors and wood different from those of large spaces to add a bit of visual surprise.

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