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Lleida, España



In the beautiful area of Lleida, our challenge was to complete renovate a space which was complicated since the building was supported by pillars which made for a starting point of small and conventional spaces with a long and narrow corridor with many doors.


For this reason we demolished the walls throughout, joining the corridor, living room, dining room and office area, and created a single common space divided by the customized furniture-walls designed to hide the pillars while being practical.


In the dining room area we designed a buffet that separated it from the hall and stairs, while in the living area we designed a home entertainment cabinet that separated the office, with both furniture pieces integrating the pillars inside.


The entire house was painted in the same light tones along to integrate everything and visually clean the space. Modern yet comfortable was selected to provide a timeless, comfortable and practical aesthetic. Groundbreaking, custom artwork was created using the talents of Barcelona photographer Lane de Castro and used throughout the home.

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