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Barcelona - Sant Cugat


Barcelona/Sant Cugat, España



In this single-family home, the clients gave us the challenge to create an "understated and timeless" home where we would decorate each space with its own identity. Some features incorporated in the design of the spaces included mixing materials such as zebrawood for the kitchen cabinetry with oak and lacquered glass used in the design of the custom dining room table.


Bespoke designs were selected down to the smallest detail for each room, such as the handles of the cabinets using Bissaza tiles and polished steel, while the bedroom walls along with the bedside tables have design components which hide the home entertainment system and other electrical components.


To achieve different moods throughout the home, special materials, colors and fabrics were chosen to upholster, make bedspreads, cushions and curtains – while being joined by a connecting thread of ivory color for all the walls, oak flooring and indirect general lighting.

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