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Madrid - Serrano


Madrid, España



The challenge – convert a dull apartment, without personality in terms of its interior architecture into a special house that conveyed the good taste and the lifestyle of its owner.


We blended our clients' existing furniture, paintings and accessories which had a more classical style into a more modern space design, which together gave the architectural value and importance that did not exist initially.


An open-design living-dining room-TV room with Japanese-style sliding doors to give a subtle intimacy to each space was incorporated. A bespoke sliding door with gold leaf in the hall was installed to separate the living areas from the bedrooms, while custom shelving in the home's entrance was designed to highlight our clients' collection of precious collections from various travels. This sliding door, which can be seen from the living room-lounge, also integrates a television designed by our partner Luxor Cinema, which also has the unique added feature of functioning as a mirror when not in use.

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