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Barcelona - Pedralbes


Barcelona, España



The challenge was to design all the interior spaces in perfect harmony with the grand architecture formed by a large glazed white cube, a hall with a glass elevator and a large staircase from which all the floors of the house could be viewed.


We designed the spaces in such a way to communicate with each other through large sliding doors, giving a system which allows the owners to join and separate rooms in a subtle and theatrical way, since the our clients desired no isolated common space within the home.


The aesthetic language of white was used on both the exterior and interior walls to unify and give luminosity to the interior space, while transparent glass and stainless steel provide a sense of technological aesthetics and oak floors were added to provide warmth.


Bespoke design was incorporated throughout the home, for example home automation as well as a unique system to hide the living room's entertainment system when not in use. Also spaces such as the landings of the hall-staircase area normally not utilized were transformed into informal, relaxing spaces.

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